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Kids with healthy self-esteem: The ingredient that cannot be left out of the recipe!

The other day, I was at an interesting parenting seminar. The psychologist giving the lecture opened the session by asking us what the single most important aspect of parenting is, regarding raising children with a healthy self-esteem. Assorted answers rang through the crowd. “Give ’em lots of hugs and kisses.” “React to their good and […]

When Your Child Says “You Hate Me”

All normal and healthy parents naturally love their children. Loving our children is an instinctive parental response. We brought the child into the world, and do so much for the kid, obviously we love them. Well, most of the time, that is. Sometimes when we feel disappointed or upset, relationships can become strained. Perhaps the […]

Positive Disciplining

Positive Disciplining yields real results!

The Only Parenting Failure

The very fact that you are on reading means that you are still playing to win.