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Do You Have a Parenting Mission Statement? Why Not?

Imagine that you are looking for a ride to Los Angeles. You meet someone who says that they have room in their car to give you a lift to California. “Exactly where in California are you going?” you ask. “Oh, we’re not sure. Just somewhere in CA,” he responds. “I need to get to LA,” […]

Less is More!

When communicating with children of any age bracket, less is more. Strive for simplicity in your instructions and teachings. Kids do not have the acquired ability to “cut to the chase” of an idea; they have not yet gained the maturity to sort the facts from the fluff. We are referring to situations where you […]

Praise What They Did, Not Who They Are!

How to harness the power of praise to build your children’s self-esteem Raising kids with a healthy dose of self-esteem is one of the main goals parents have. In addition to a favorable attitude toward spending time with your child, which is the key to kid’s self-esteem, a fair dose of praise is effective in […]

The Golden Rule of Punishing Kids

There are modern parenting advisors who believe that punishing children is off-limits. They say that proper behaviors can be instilled in children without any punishments. However, punishment need not be defined as corporal punishment. Banning corporal punishment and hitting is a reasonable position. The only exception might be the child who is not yet three […]

How to Handle Other People’s Children

An oft-heard subject of controversy is disciplining other peoples’ kids. What do you do when your children have playmates at your home who are misbehaving? I don’t think there is an easy answer to this difficulty. I have heard some parents advising that, “Whatever happens in my house is under my jurisdiction, and all of […]

A typical day… is pretty sad

I once read an account of the typical conversations that occur between parent and child in the course of an average day. If a recording were to be made of the interaction between a parent and their child, it would look something like this: “Take your feet off the couch.” “Food belongs in the kitchen.” […]

A Yell and Scream Free Zone at Home

Night has fallen, and a quiet and relaxing evening is approaching. At least, that’s what we had imagined. The reality is that sounds of, “I need to go to the bathroom,” and “my blanket fell down,” and “We forgot to brush my teeth,” are wafting down the stairs. Sigh. After the third, “Can I have […]