Archives for February 2006

Truthful Children

Living in a society in which our highest government officials and largest corporations are routinely found to be dishonest, how can we teach our children to be truthful? A recent Reader’s Digest article exposed that over 60% of high school students admitted to plagiarizing. (And those are only the ones that acknowledged their cheating!) Although […]

Dear Mommy & Daddy,

My five-year-old son brought home a picture of a fruit tree he had decorated in school, with the following poem that I feel compelled to share with you: Dear Mommy and Daddy, When a farmer plants a tree, He toils and toils endlessly. He works all day and sometimes through the night, To assure that […]

Playing… and Learning!

Some of the deepest and most inspirational lessons that we have learned were a result of observation, rather than lectures. It’s simple psychological math that actions always speak louder than words. Weaving lessons into everyday life, especially fun activities like a game that your child chose to play with you, is a very effective means […]

Quality Time with Your Child 101

What is “quality time” and why has it reached paramount importance in parenting magazines? Quality time is when you spend time focused on your child. It is not the time that you pay the bills, clean the house, or run errands. It is not the time that the ringing of the phone constantly disrupts your […]

Discovering the Root of the Problem

What is every parent’s automatic reaction to becoming aware of a problematic issue with their child? Yes, they try to fix it. Immediately! Sometimes it is a good idea to stop and wait. Get to know your child better, and perhaps let several hours or days pass by prior to reacting. When the brand-new bottle […]

Parenting in the Fast Lane

Today my nearly-seven-year-old son showed me his first loose tooth. For one short second tears came unwillingly to my eyes as I recalled the time a spoon clinked against his first tooth when he was a baby. That was just yesterday, wasn’t it? Where did all of these years go? How did my baby become […]

A Child’s Emotional Bank Account

At a parenting seminar I recently attended, someone asked a room full of parents, “What is the most difficult aspect of raising successful children?” The most memorable response drew a lot of laughs; “The first twenty-five years.” Indeed, there are numerous challenges we parents face from the toddler times through their teenage years, and beyond! […]