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Teaching Children About Money

How did you learn about the value of money? Did you learn from a lecture of your parents or teachers, from reading about it, or, umm, from personal experience handling your own finances?

How to Motivate Your Child

Children, just like adults, often perform better when there is a proverbial carrot dangling just ahead. A bit of motivation can work wonders to guide your child towards better behavior or improved schoolwork. Sometimes this motivation can come from your household or it can come from tutors at Takelessons. The old fashioned chart is the […]

Animal School Feedback!

RaisingSmallSouls’ popular video, “Animal School” has generated a flurry of comments. Educators and parents have raved about the moral of the story, and it has inspired many to take a deeper and more individual look at their students and children. Scroll down to see what others are saying about this video. Scroll down to read […]