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Fathers and Babies

In recent years, we have seen the trend towards more fathers having greater involvement in their baby’s lives. Two or three generations ago, the idea of a Dad preparing formula for his infant would have been a bit unusual. Now, dads worlwide are involved in their baby’s care nearly as much as moms. Recently, I […]

Bedtime Rules for Parents!

The other day I met a wonderful family staying nearby here in Florida; six well-mannered children from age five to twenty, and two truly dedicated parents. “I don’t go to sleep until my children are in bed,” Mr. B. remarked. “Your kids are teenagers!” I exclaimed. “How can you possibly consistently stay up past your […]

How To Treat Your Different Children Fairly

“It’s not fair!” is one of the most common outcries of children in every age bracket. Children will invoke the perceived power of the ‘fairness doctrine’ at any opportunity that does not turn out to their liking. Oftentimes they will succeed in intimidating their parents to change their minds by demonstrating the lack of fairness […]

How To Eliminate Sibling Rivalry

“A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” an ancient quote proclaims. Parents can derive much comfort from the universality of sibling rivalry. At the very beginning of time, the first two siblings, Cain and Abel, did not get along with each other, and as a result Cain killed his brother! Fortunately, we can rest assured […]