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How To Engrave ‘Say-No-To-Drugs’ on Your Child’s Mind- Starting when They’re Young!

Let’s face it; drugs and alcohol have the ability to rob you of your children. Access to illegal substances is absurdly simple for teenagers. Clearly, young lives are being ruined by the thousands as a result of these harmful addictions. Think of the time you have already put into raising your child. Think of the […]

How To End Temper Tantrums

I will never forget the man whom I met at my in-law’s home last year. Standing at six-feet tall, with broad shoulders, and a hardened military expression of seriousness on his face, he appeared intimidating- even to me. Then I heard that he used to work in a top-secret government job, and on 9/11 his […]

24-Hours of Peace-&-Quiet

  “You deserve some Peace and Quiet time for yourself!” As a parent, we can relate to the busy days and nights that make up your existence, as you care for your child, your household, your work, and even- sometimes- for yourself! Imagine… that you could occupy your child or children with an educational activity […]