Archives for May 2007

Five Tips to Kick Start Your Child’s Self Esteem

If there is one attribute that can change the outcome of a child’s life, I would have to define that as self-esteem. Low self-esteem can take a youngster to unsavory relationships and achievement far below his or her potential, while a healthy level of confidence will guide a child to shine in so many aspects […]

Touch Hunger

Perhaps the most effective way to determine the value of an idea is to determine the negative effects that occur when that concept is missing. Let’s examine the power of human touch regarding children and the accompanying effects that can result from insufficient physical contact. Recent research in neuroscience has shown that loving touch is […]

My Buddy and Me

Perhaps it all began in the latter half of the 20th century when a new trend in parenting spread amongst those who were fairly new in their “careers” as parents. Establishing one’s role as a parental figure in the early stages of a child’s development is no easy task and the additional weight of societal […]