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Put Yourself in His Shoes!

A wise educator once compared a child’s distress over a lost toy to the anguish that an entrepreneur feels regarding a failed investment. He specified that taking away a block of wood that a child is floating in the bathtub as a pretend boat is akin to a merchant’s ship sinking at sea. The businessman’s […]

Modeling as a Way of Life

“Do as I say and not as I do.” That hypocritical concept is unquestionably one of the most ineffective methods of education. Children see, and children do. Children instinctively model the behavior of those around them, thereby developing physical, emotional, and mental skills. On occasion, it can be difficult to have faith in the long-range […]

Planting Small Souls

Raising children is arguably one of the most complex and profound challenges that we face. From the innocent days of infancy through the complicated chaos of the teenage years, child-rearing is fraught with questions and uncertainty. Like a freshly germinating seed, each newborn requires a certain set of conditions to thrive. Tender, loving care, understanding […]