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“Who wants to be an emotional millionaire?”

Happy. Sad. Most youngsters can recognize these feelings from a very early age. However, what about the myriad of other feelings that pop up within our hearts? Anger. Loneliness. Excitement. Jealousy. Worry. Disappointment. Anticipation The ability to express and recognize our emotions has a tremendous impact on our lives. Our ability to communicate with others […]


Every busy parent knows that life is a continuous juggling act in the midst of a three-ring-circus.  Trust me, I have three little boys, each of whom manages to demand, perform, and behave in excess of a Barnum and Bailey show! Every day you pack enough sandwiches and cook sufficient food to feed small third-world-country.  […]

Protecting Our Children

Protecting our children By Wade Meszaros,  Mental Health Child & Youth Therapist I have been involved in counselling families and children for the past 15 years. One of the most devastating experiences a person can go through is an abusive experience. I have found over the years the most horrendous damage is done when a […]