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Getting Kids Organized: Tips that Work!

Teaching Children to Organize Their Possessions: Five Tips for Parents If you’d look under the children’s beds or in the playrooms of most houses, you might think there is no way to get your kids organized. Stuffed animals have a way of multiplying and covering beds and dressers, game and jigsaw puzzle pieces somehow never […]

Yell at Your Kids in the Afteroon… but Not in the Mornings!

Yell at your kids in the afternoon, but… … NOT in the mornings! This week, we are going to incorporate a new habit into our lives. The purpose of this particular habit is to make our children’s living more pleasant and to give them the emotional tools that they need to develop and maintain healthy […]

Driving Without Fuel

Here’s a question for you: Would you attempt a cross-country drive without a single gallon of gas in your car’s tank? At the risk of stating the obvious, nobody in their right mind would try to take a trip in a vehicle that lacks fuel! Then, why, OH WHY, do so many of us attempt […]