Archives for July 2008

The Happiness Link

One of the greatest fallacies of our time is the mistaken social rule that “happiness means being comfortable”. When was the last time that you saw modern-day movie where the hero or heroine was happy to be in an impoverished and uncomfortable state? Advertisers play upon this unspoken rule by convincing us that pain need […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Small Soul!

The title of this article may strike you as a contradiction to the name of this website, Obviously, you’d be absolutely correct to take note of the inconsistency. And that is what brings us to today’s topic: There are very few absolutes in the realm of childrearing. Children are capable of great things- does […]

Mood Numbers

What Mood Number Are You In? Here’s how “mood-numbers” got started: The plumber called earlier to say that he’d be here six hours ago, he hasn’t shown up, and the main bathroom and laundry facilities are still out of order. I am annoyed and frustrated. (To put it mildly.) My son brings chips into a […]


Celebrating Independence Day this weekend on July 4th, I gazed at the brilliant display of fireworks and pondered what freedom means to us today. Freedom is all about having the ability to make choices. Living in the 21st century, most of us, thankfully, do reside in counties that protect our basic freedoms. Yet, I wondered, […]