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Get Kids to do Chores Willingly

Question: When I get home from work each afternoon, I spend a lot of time and energy cleaning up the house. I keep thinking that I’m doing it all on my own, and I am soooo guilty for not making my children help out around the house. I’d like suggestions on chores for an 8 […]

ADHD and Teens

There is a fair amount of information available to parents of young children with ADD/ADHD and/or defiant behavior, but what about these same parents of teen children, specifically teens between the ages of 13-17? Behaviors and habits are more engrained and the traditional approaches that may work or are more appropriate to use with young […]

Defiant 8-year-old

At some point, all parents are faced with concerns related to defiant or disrespectful children. These broad terms often refer to and can be applied to a variety of specific behaviors. If you have a defiant, disobedient, disrespectful, sassy, or rude child with impulse control or self control issues, you may relate to these parents […]

Depressed Grandchild

Could my grandson be clinically depressed, even at 10yrs old? Question: I’m raising my 10yr old grandson. I’ve had him since he is 6mos old, due to his mother having uncontrolled Bipolar Disorder. It is very hard for him living apart from his mother, with whom he has had a scattered relationship throughout the years. […]

Disconnected from 12-year-old-daughter

Question: For some reason, I feel like I have a chronic “dis-connect” from my eldest daughter, 12. I worry I’m failing her as a parent and really need help and advice. I know that we have a pattern of my asking her to do something, her not listening, then I get frustrated and bark orders […]