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A Follower, Not a Leader

Question: My son who is 8 tends to be a follower and goes with what everyone else wants. He does whatever others like and do. I want to help teach him or give him the confidence to be a leader and not care if he likes or does things differently. I am afraid he will […]

How do I Stop Yelling at my Child?

Parents are only human and for some, yelling can be a problem. If you yell at the kids and feel guilty, this situation and question may seem very familiar! Discover how to stop yelling with the ideas and strategies found in the answer to the parent question.

I’m Overwhelmed!

Question: I am the mother of 4 beautiful small souls, ages 11, 10, 7, and 6. I arrive home from work about the same time that they get home each day, and I am so tired and drained that all I want to do is rest on the sofa with a good book or TV […]