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How Can I Help My Child Make Friends?

How Can I Help My Child Make Friends? I’m certain many parents have felt the heartache of witnessing their child feeling socially left out.  In their infancy we’re able to protect our babies from much of the harm in this world.  Yet, inevitable there comes a day when they face social interactions that we cannot […]

A Gift for Mothers!

A special gift for Moms! Download your printable 8×10 poem here Just add a frame and Viola!  A ready-made gift for yourself, your best friend, your sister, your mom… or all of the above!  

When Parent’s Style and Child’s Style Clash

Parenting with Style: Why You Might Clash with Your Child Every morning, six-year-old Josh and his mom clash. A daydreamer by nature, Josh moves through life at a slower pace than his task-oriented mom. This is most evident in the morning when meandering Josh and his highly organized mother are trying to get out the […]

How To Help Your Child Focus!

Kayla Fay, a noted educator, wrote a valuable ebook called “Focus Pocus” which contains ONE HUNDRED ways for you to help your child focus and stay on task. Kayla kindly gave me permission to share several useful tips with you here… these are my favorites.  Read the book and see which ideas will become your […]