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Free Canvas!

Looking for an inexpensive way to preserve family memories? How about with a free canvas of your favorite photograph? If you have a favorite photo that you would love to have turned into a canvas painting, now you can…. and it’s free! Here’s the one we had done of our family: These make great gifts […]

Time Management Tips for Parents

Oftentimes, a frenzied pace takes over our days as we frantically attempt to squeeze chauffeuring two children to three different after-school-activities, grocery shopping, a stop at the ATM machine, picking up the shirts at the cleaners, returning library books, and a mad rush to ship a package before the Post Office closes. Simultaneously, we are […]

Conflict Resolution

Dear RaisingSmallSouls, I’m a stay-at-home mom of two rambunctious boys, aged 5 and 3. lately, I feel like all they do is fight, fight, fight! (“I want the blue car” – “Me, me” – you get the picture!) How can I make it stop? Thanks, A Frazzled Mom Dear Frazzled Mom, You may find comfort […]

The Art of Reframing

It’s not just for artists and professional framers. Reframing is a psychological tool that can simply transform your life. I know, it sounds pretty cliché, however- it’s the truth. The other day I was parked in our 5-speed Nissan Sentra facing the playing field outside of my children’s school when I had a premonition of […]

Time-Saving Tips for Parents

Twelve Time-Saving Tips for Parents Note:  SCROLL DOWN to download my free report:  “30 Time Saving Tips“! 1. Go through your house, room by room, and get rid of anything that is not useful, beautiful, or joyful. Set the timer for 10 minutes per room.  (Allow extra time only if a very heavy item must […]

Raise your hand if you never yell!

Part 1 of a two-part poll I conduct with my audiences: “Raise your hand if you were reared by a mother who never yelled, yet you consistently obeyed her. To clarify, your mother may have raised her voice emphatically on occasion, but never broke the sound barrier with it.” In a recent audience of slightly […]