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Difference Between Peer Pressure and Peer Influence

For years, parents have heard about peer pressure and how dangerous it can be to and for our children. We may have been putting too much emphasis on this given how peer influence affects our kids! So what is the difference between peer pressure and peer influence? For the answer, we looked to one of […]


    Educating and encouraging your children to practice time management can be fun and practical. When you are able to help them better manage their time, it can be enormously helpful to you as well. Teaching your kids time management now will undoubtedly help them have a more productive life in the future.   […]

Time Management for Parents

Here are 3 interesting tips about Time Saving Tips for parents: Tip #1 is an attitude and mindset tip. Tip #2 is a household concept. Tip #3 is a very practical nugget. There are hundreds of additional tips in my book, Creating Hours. What would you do with an extra 2-6 hours each and every […]

Help Kids Study

Did you know that kids learn in many ways, yet schools test in only one?  This ultimately means that the written tests used in school, favors only one kind of learner. While we all wish that written tests weren’t the only measure of your child’s success in school, it turns out we’ve been in a […]

Am I a Good Enough Mother?

The question gnaws at our hearts: “Am I a good enough mother or father?  Am I being the best parent I can be?” Have you ever flown on a commercial airplane? Are you aware that the majority of the time the airplane does not travel on its specific flight course? How do planes reach their […]