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How To Deal With Teens Lying

There are two major issues to be considered with respect to teens lying to their parents: the parent-child relationship and the extent to which the teen sees his parents as authority figures. First, we’ll examine the relationship.  As discussed in my most recent article on the subject of parenting teenagers and peer pressure, if we […]

Lasting Behavior Changes

We recently asked “What is your most pressing parenting problem?”. We  had several note worthy replies. Here are just a few: Getting my 11-year-old motivated to do more and to avoid disagreements. My 9-year-old daughter is very disrespectful and I want to address that. I not only want to be a better grandparent than I […]

Parenting Teenagers – Tips for Parents

Parenting Teens – Tips for Parents by:  © Alan Carson ACPI© Coach for Parents Having taught, coached, counseled teens for a career, and being the father of a seventeen-year old, I think I know teens.  In my opinion, here is how we need to parent teenagers effectively: 1) Teens absolutely need to be trusted. It […]

Teaching Through Love Instead of Fear – Emotional Needs

One of the big issues in schools today is “bullying.” Parents and teachers struggle daily with how to stop this behavior. Without realizing it, adults teach bullying behavior to children by modeling it when they use the threat of their physical size or power to make children do things. When I hear a parent counting […]

Quality Time With Children vs Making Connections

Virtually all parents consider a trip to the playground or a museum to be quality time with their children. An afternoon spent together at a park is quality time; however children need more than just quality time with their parents; they need connection time. We are well aware as to when our children feel connected […]