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Oh, Fireflies!

I was sitting on the patio with my children surrounding me. They were spotting fireflies in the early summer evening. The feeling was content, and he light breeze in the air was like a sigh at the end of an energy-filled day. The children’s excitement was palpable, for every time a firefly lit up, they […]

Stop and Smell the Roses!

Walking through the park one evening with my eleven-year-old son and our dog Piper, I had my chin buried into the warmth of the neck of my jacket cursing the unlike-spring weather, wishing I had worn a hat when my son called out to me from several paces behind.  “Mom, come take a look at […]

How To Talk To Teens About Sex

The Teen Culture and Sexuality by:  © Alan Carson ACPI© Coach for Parents For twenty-one years I taught a sexuality unit as part of my eleventh grade health education course.  At the beginning of my career it was a risk to teach anything other than the biological aspects of sexuality, and my superintendent told me […]