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Kids Who See Ghosts

“Do I Need to Believe in Ghosts to Help My Child Through Fears?” When a child sees a ghost, he or she turns to mom or dad for support, problem solving, or a fix to the situation. How a parent responds will influence the child for the rest of his or her life. Yes, that […]

Teaching Children Respect

“Do as I say, not as I do”. You’ve probably heard this said at least once in your life, said by a parent to a child. It’s usually meant wryly or humorously, but the implication behind the phrase is profound. You can tell a child to embrace a certain behavior till the cows come home […]

The Secret of Highly Effective Parents

My middle son, Jacob, is very interested in gold, silver, and diamonds.  He is particularly keen on selling my diamond engagement ring and buying me a crystal replacement and himself a room full of toys!  As I tuck him into bed at night, he sometimes asks this playful question, “Mom, if someone would give you […]