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Short Story

Mom, Dad and 6-year-old Tommy went to a restaurant for dinner. After reading their menus, each member of the family placed an order. Dad:  “I’ll have the garlic veal with fried rice.” Mom:  “I’ll have grilled chicken with the chef’s salad.” Tommy:  “I’ll have a corned beef sandwich with extra pickles.” Mom hastened to interrupt, […]

How Learning to Play Music Benefits Children

No matter your child’s age, music plays a huge part in their life. From infancy, mothers sing and hum to their babies and then in grade school they learn the basics of reading music and may begin playing the flute-o-fone or similar instrument. When they reach Junior High and High School our children may join […]

Children’s Wants Versus Needs

The Art of Letting Go, Pt 2 by:  Alan W. Carson ACPI® Coach for Parents In my first article on letting go, we focused on the importance of parents requiring that their kids accept an increasing amount of responsibility as they mature.  The goal is that our children can largely succeed on their own by […]

The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go, Part 1 Alan W. Carson ACPI® Coach for Parents While working as a middle school guidance counselor, a young 6th grade teacher called me from her classroom telephone and asked if we could talk about an e-mail she received from a parent. I said, “Of course,” and went up to […]