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Educational Activities for Summer

Fun and Easy Summer Activities to Keep Your Child Reading and Writing Research shows that many children drop as much as half a grade in reading ability over the summer because they stop reading for three months. Writing skills can fall behind too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Reading and writing over […]

Cooking With Kids Junior Cookbook

Cooking with kids can be a fulfilling activity for both you and the kids. It allows them to be creative in the kitchen, boosts their self esteem, and gives them a life skill they’ll take into the future. When you teach them a few simple recipes, you’ll be teaching them to contribute to the family, […]

Summer Art Projects for Kids

It’s been hot everywhere these past few weeks. And while summer is fun for the kids, it’s hard for parents to come up with enough activities to keep the kids occupied. If you’re looking for some summer activities for those really hot days, when you really want to be inside , here are some art […]

Saving No for the Big Things

by:  Alan Carson – ACPI© Coach for Parents I enjoy writing parenting articles for Ellen Braun’s Raising Small Souls website and appreciate Ellen’s willingness to post them.  I also look forward to reading the comments submitted by parents and respond to them when I can add something constructive. The most recent reply that appears at […]