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Steer Your Child Clear of Obesity

Steer Your Child Clear of Obesity If health is important to you, you are probably already making wise choices for yourself, but you should also know the impact you can have on your children. Being the one who makes the majority of choices when it comes to food and lifestyle activities, you have the power […]

How to ensure your child gets the right type of sleep

Over 40% of childhood is spent sleeping, and so doing whatever you can as a parent to make that time as relaxing and as regular as possible will do wonders for your children’s well-being. Getting the right amount and quality of sleep is incredibly important for a child’s development in terms of their growth, learning […]

Introducing Your Dog to Your Baby

There are many dog owners out there who treat their much-loved pet like family and could never imagine a life that didn’t revolve around them. And then they get pregnant, and worry starts to creep in. How will they give their beloved pooch the time and energy they deserve with a brand new baby in […]

8 Great Tips to Make Reading Books Fun for Babies

Reading is a very important part of a child’s development in various ways. In addition to the educational role reading plays in a child’s life it can also be used as an activity for parent and child to bond. It is important to make reading books fun for young children, and there are many ways […]

Overcome Bedwetting with Compassion

It’s a difficult problem for any parent: What to do if your child just can’t seem to stop wetting the bed. While it may be a nuisance for you, you need to remember how distressing this is for any child, particularly if it continues as they get older. They’ll often find it embarrassing, they may […]

Ten Tips for Making Travel with Children Easier

If you have children, especially toddlers or babies, a family vacation probably seems more like work than a fun, relaxing getaway. It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out these ten tips to keeping your vacation exactly what it is supposed to be – a vacation – even if you have kids in tow. […]

Ten Tips for Parenting Teenagers

Ten Essential Tips for Parenting Teenagers First – it’s true. The teenage years are the most difficult years of a parent’s life. Perhaps not immediately, but when you stop and look at the stages you can expect to observe in your child’s life, you quickly realize your friendly 14-year-old son may not even be speaking […]

Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy With Smart Snacks

Maintaining a healthy smile starts with the food we put into our bodies at each meal. Kids may think that candy, chips and soda are great. These kinds of foods, however, leave residue behind that form harmful plaque on your child’s teeth. Smart snacks will help with your child’s overall health as well as developing […]

Don’t Let Your Child’s Fear Become a Phobia

Guest post by: Charles Andrew Every child has something they’re a little bit afraid of, whether it’s the dark, the monster under the bed or, like my two boys, going in the shower! However, for some children these little fears grow and grow until they become full blown phobias in later life … something which […]

Online Preschool Programs Help Build Skills and Relationships

As countless foreign language instructors can attest, both children and adults learn best by being immersed in the learning process. This is especially true for younger children in the formative stages of development, since the habits and skills they learn in the earliest years form the basis for all later educational endeavors. Providing a rich, […]