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Speech Development Disorder in Children

Language disability in young kids is a condition that has baffled many specialists, since it has no known neurological cause. This condition affects the learning capabilities of the child as well as their social interactivity. A child who develops language skills slower than his/her peers usually feels out of place when in their company. This […]

Why do Children Ask ‘Why’?

When my oldest son was 4 he asked a lot of “why” questions. “Why do people have bones that are hard?” “Why are frogs green?” “Why is this puzzle piece shaped like this?” It got to be exhausting. I felt as a responsible parent I should provide my son with answers, but some “why” questions […]

How To Handle Sibling Rivarly Without Losing Your Mind!

When Becky had her first child, Ryan, she could not believe how much she loved him and how much she loved being a Mom. Her husband and her had no qualms about having another child. It seemed the natural thing to do. Wouldn’t Ryan love to have another child to play with and love? Ten […]

Using Limits to Keep Peace

When my son Aidan would not do what I asked or behaved disrespectfully, he and I would both get very angry. My husband would yell at him and Aidan would cry, and I would feel terribly upset with the overall negativity hanging over my family like a dark cloud. I would like to give you […]