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7 Deadly Habits that Destroy Relationships and 7 Connecting Habits

According to Dr. William Glasser, noted psychiatrist and author of numerous books, all relationships have the same fundamentals. When we behave in a manner that yields more connection between the two parties, then we are engaging in connecting habits. On the other hand, if we were to act in a way that promotes disconnection, then […]

Early Education for Children Suffering From Autism

Autism is a condition that affects children in all social and psychological aspects. Special programs must be designed for the early education of children suffering with this developmental disorder. About 10 children in every 100,000 are afflicted with this condition and it prevents them from interacting socially with other children their age. There is a […]

“Don’t Write Off My Child!”

When my son was in the 7th grade, I was told in May of that year that his teacher wanted to hold him back due to low test scores, lack of interest, and lack of effort. Although I immediately disagreed with the later two, I suggested having him tested for a learning disability. I was […]

The Purest Love

By: Kira Shcherbakova Christian Inspirational Author and Speaker One day, when Mitchell was under two years of age (now three years old), he took a chair from the kitchen and started dragging it into the room. We have carpet outside of the kitchen, so once he got to that point, it got much harder to […]

Why is Laughter Important for Children?

Some days, communication between parents and children goes like this: “Wash your hands!” “Did you find the other shoe?” “I need the permission slip signed today!” “Don’t yell at your sister!” “Where’s my homework?” “I signed that permission slip yesterday!” “Did you check under the table?” “Are you really going out looking like that?” “Can […]

Multicultural Classroom Activities for Children

Multicultural classroom activities for children are now becoming a necessity because of educational institutions having children from diverse cultural backgrounds under its tutelage. In a society where political correctness is a significant factor in showing respect and sensitivity to cultures other than one’s own, the participation of educational institutions is highly important in molding children […]