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Effective Parenting Questions

Questions seem to be a popular technique that parents use when communicating with their children. As a parent educator I was always trained to be careful when questioning children because we parents will use questions to: Admonish our children: “Why do you always have to give me a problem when you get into the car?” […]

Keeping Up With the Little One: Raising Your Energy Level

As a parent you have many obstacles to face. You become completely responsible for a whole new life. As your child grows, you as a parent grow also. The one obstacle that almost every parent faces is how to keep up with your new bundle of needy joy. Raising your energy level is not only […]

It’s Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party! What to Do?

Guest post:  Written by Chris Molnar, a writer, work at home Dad and editor of a party theme idea blog. Chris has two rambunctious daughters, and just bought a bunch of Elmo party supplies for his youngest’s first birthday. Your little bundle of joy is turning one year old and you need to put together […]

Get the Little Ones Off to Sleep With These Top Tips

Guest post: This post was written by Sophie Baker-Britton on behalf of My Duvet and Pillow, specialists in expertly crafted down duvets and pillows for children and adults alike. Many parents will be familiar with the challenges faced when putting your child to bed at night; from temper tantrums to simply not being able to […]