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Good Parenting: One Great Way To Bring Peace Into Your Home

    As a mother I find that I get frustrated easily. The constant cooking, cleaning, carpooling and other household chores can get overwhelming. It is at those times that I might start with those accusations, that sound like this: “Who left the juice out? ” “Who made all these crumbs?” “Who did this? Who […]

Good Parenting: Does Nagging Help Kids Listen?

Many parents cringe at the sound of themselves nagging. I know, when I nag, I am surprised and I wonder when did this happen to me. What was the turning point? Did it happen right when I brought my first child home from the hospital? Or was it when the piles of laundry got so […]

Lying Children: The Best Way To Promote Honesty: Part 2

In a previous post we discussed why children lie. In this article we will discuss the positive aspects of lying, (yes, sounds crazy but it is true) and 3 ways to manage lying. You might be surprised by this but some times, lying is also a form of higher thinking and intelligence. Lying requires more […]

Lying Children: The Best Way To Promote Honesty (Part 1)

My child is 5 and has started to lie. Honesty is very important to me! I have caught him many times lying, sometimes about the silliest things. How can I stop him from doing this? It can be disconcerting when a child lies. I know that I immediately envision a life of crime for my […]

The Best Way To Parent: Parent With Confidence

There are so many schools of thought when it comes to parenting. For thousands of years there was one way to parent and everyone adhered to it. Children were expected to be dutiful and obedient, seen and not heard. So, what changed? Enter a new field of study: child psychology, pioneered by Freud. He believed […]