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“Kids These Days…!” The Best Way To Teach Your Kids Right From Wrong

“Kids these days don’t know right from wrong!” “Kids these days have no values!” Do you find yourself saying statements like the ones above? Welcome to Parenthood! Most parents feel it is their job to impart their values, morals and belief systems to their children. I know I do. Because we feel so strongly about […]

Improve Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence: Teach Them About Their Feelings

    There are many parents who have a hard time listening to their children’s feelings. I will hear them say, “What is the big deal? I told her to find if Ruthie isn’t nice to her, she just shouldn’t play with her. It is that simple!” “I told my son that you either like […]

Disciplining Children: To Punish Or To Consequence

In previous posts, we have spoken about the differences between punishment and consequences and how to use this knowledge to discipline your teen. Can this work with younger kids? It most definitely can. Punishment is usually metered out with anger and accusations. Punishment does not teach kids to improve their behavior. Kids get defensive and […]

Disciplining Teens: To Punish Or To Consequence

Many times we punish teens and we really don’t have to. Punishing teens means that we deliver our judgments in a harsh accusatory manner. For example, when our teens come home late we might immediately run to ground them. “How dare you come home late? Do you know how worried I was? You are grounded […]

So Many Kids, So Many Pills

  There was a time when there as home remedy for everything. Medication was once considered a last resort. Oatmeal, vinegar and baking soda have been replaced by pills for every little ailment. Unfortunately, it appears this trend has been passed along to our kids. At one time, the most common medication a kid would […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all mothers, whether your child is four or forty:  We all know that it’s moms who make the world go ’round! A tribute to you very special mothers — Happy Mother’s Day!

Sibling Rivalry: What Do You Do When One Sibling In The Family Has It All

Sibling Rivalry, I think, is one of the toughest issues that parents need to manage. In many families there is a child, who seems to have it all and another child who struggles and seems lost behind the shine of his sibling. This is a tricky issue and many parents are stumped as to how […]

Good Parenting: Sometimes Less Is More

Contributed by guest blogger: Harriet Cabelly Sometimes less is more. Less rushing in to solve our kids’ problems can result is allowing them the time and space to think things through on their own. In other words, encouraging and facilitating their problem-solving abilities as opposed to enabling them to rely upon us. It is not […]

Encouraging Responsibility: Report Card Time

Yesterday was a big day in our house. My 9 year old daughter and 10 year old son brought home their report cards. I guess it was a good sign that they were eager to share them with my husband and I. I like to use report card time as a way to enforce a […]

Defiant Kids: How To Help Them Be Respectful

    We had some great feedback from a recent class we did on  “When Your Child Is Defiant: Simple Ways To Avoid Power Struggles.” Here’s some of the feedback… “I really identified with a lot of what you spoke about tonight. Thanks so much for the great advice.”  “Great class last night. I really […]