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Resilient Kids: Learn To Celebrate Your Mistakes So Your Kids Can Too!

I am so excited! Jane Nelsen from Positive Discipline has agreed to join us for our Summer Master Parenting Class. Last year I became a Positive Discipline instructor and my love for the Positive Discipline approach has grown. There are 27 basic tools of Positive Discipline. Each one is valuable. I was just reading over […]

No More Whining!

By Guest Blogger: Melissa Hiller   No More Whining Mom-Jane took my crayon again! Dad-I’m tired of going to school every day! Do these complaints have a constant space in your household? If they do, you’re probably ready to lose your mind. Instead of getting stressed out, learn how to help your child to stop […]

Good Parenting: Advanced Skills For The Savvy Parent

  In a previous post we spoke about the benefits of using “I” statements with our near and dear ones. We discussed how “I” statements can be used to help us parents, stop accusing and blaming. We also mentioned how we can use “I” statements to help us teach our kids what is important to […]