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Seven Tips for Parenting your ADHD Child

The day you’re told your child may have ADHD, you are issued a challenge. The challenge is to give your child the skills and confidence s/he needs to cope with the symptoms of ADHD. Here are a few tips for parenting your ADHD child that can help you both get through the day. 1. Accept […]

Signs of Being Bullied

There have always been bullies in the world, but it seems in recent years bullying has gotten a lot worse. Perhaps it is just being recognized and addressed more than in years past, but the fact remains, children get bullied not only at school but at home, online and in other public locations. So how […]

The Emotional Challenges of Transitioning

The school years are full of transitions – from preschool to kindergarten, middle school to high school and on through college. These transitions can be very challenging, especially for the shy child or one who is lacking confidence. Knowing how to help with the emotional challenges of transitioning can be difficult for parents. Here are […]

Teaching Kids to Think Before Speaking

Speaking before thinking can cause a lot more than just embarrassment for you and your child. It leads to hurt feelings, fights and sometimes even more serious consequences. Thinking before speaking is crucial to interpersonal relationships at school, work, home, and elsewhere. So how do you teach kids to engage their brain before their mouths […]

Help Your Child Adjust to Middle School

As your child grows, they experience a host of changes. Not only physically but changes in what they find important or value. Peers become more important to them and they may start pulling away from you. During this time, many schools also move your child from elementary schools where they have attended for years and […]

Communication Tips for Parents and Children

One of the most difficult communication skills to learn and effectively implement is the act of listening. I don’t mean just hearing but actually listening without becoming distracted, passing judgment or placing blame. Actively listening and staying focused on who you’re speaking with can help you better understand the person and how they feel about […]