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Music Develops Children’s Social and Emotional Skills

Have you noticed that where there is a group of children, music is often playing? Shops and doctors who focus on children tend to play music that appeals to them. Music can also be found in many classrooms, not to mention in children’s homes and even on kids phones. Music brings kids together and helps […]

Peer Pressure: Making it Easy for Teens to Resist

Peer pressure, we have all experienced it in school and there is no way to avoid it. Discover how to make it easier for teens to resist and make good choices. This is especially important where drugs, alcohol, illegal activities, or any thoughtless actions are concerned. What is peer pressure? The term has gotten a […]

Children’s Songs: A Collection of Childhood Favorites by Susie Tallman

Do you remember the songs that your parents, grandparents, or teachers used to sing to you as a kid? Are you teaching them to your children and grandchildren? If not, here is something to help you out. The wonderful sounds and memories come back as if it were yesterday. The problem is that as you […]