8 Great Tips to Make Reading Books Fun for Babies

Reading is a very important part of a child’s development in various ways. In addition to the educational role reading plays in a child’s life it can also be used as an activity for parent and child to bond. It is important to make reading books fun for young children, and there are many ways this can be accomplished.

1. Colorful Books
When you first start reading to your child you may find they are more interested in taking the book from your hand and perhaps chewing on it. Start off with fabric books. These are tactile and colorful, helping the child to enjoy the feel of the material. It is a good starting point for building a book-reading routine with your little one.

2. Interactive Books
As an alternative to the above tactile fabric books you could opt to use books that provoke interactions between your child and you.These are the type of books with removable characters that the child can remove and maybe even dress up.

3. Large Bright Books
Larger books will hold the child’s attention for a lot longer, simply due to their size. These type of books help to draw the attention of the kid to the colors within the book while it is listening to your soothing voice.

4. Add Your Own Narration
It is likely that you will read the same story to your child more than once. Add some fun to the process by adding your own touch. For example, if the book is about animals, then you could mimic the sounds of these animals as you read their part. You will soon find your child do the same.

5. Use Your Voice to Their Attention
Children love to hear the different tones in people’s voices. Make the story interesting by changing your voice to suit the characters of the book. The little ones will grow to love the role play. Continuous reading with the same monotone voice eventually becomes boring for anyone. So indulge your child by making it fun.

6. Talking Books
These books work best when they can be combined with your reading. You really don’t want the book to take away from the joy of reading the story to your child. In addition to this, your baby loves to hear the sound of your voice. By combining talking books with your reading you provide variety, keeping the activity interesting and fun.

7. Sing-along Books
Sing-along books serve the purpose of holding your little one’s attention with a combination of story and music. These are wonderful books and a touch of adventure for both you and your child.

8. Play Acting
By taking your time and going through segments of the book you will allow the child to act out some of the parts within the story. This is great for developing some of their other skills, such as eye-hand coordination. If the book talks about blowing a feather, or clapping hands, then getting the little ones to participate is an excellent exercise.

By implementing some of these hints you will find that your children will take great delight in having stories read to them. You will soon discover they will start reading back their own version to you, based on their memory. You are certain to build many fond memories for both you and your child if you employ a regular reading exercise. By building a positive approach to reading there is a good chance your child will develop a love for stories and books which can be beneficial for their education.

This post was written by Lior who is an adviser to a Milk, a nursing wear brand and also works with Kids Chair World.

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