About Us

Melody Spier

mel170x209Melody Spier resides in rural Tennessee with her wonderful husband of 20 years and three dogs that refuse to believe they’re animals.  She has two adult children; Jacob and Samantha.

Melody has lived in many places, from tiny towns to big cities but ultimately, she is a country girl at heart. She loves  the outdoors, wildlife, photography and simple living.  She is an avid reader; reading 250+ books a year on a wide variety of topics.  She also has a love for music of all kinds.

After working in education for many years, constantly feeling  rushed and stressed, Melody opted to become a stay-at-home mom.  She home-schooled both kids while starting  a home-based business. This option allowed her to care for her family and pursue a rewarding career at the same time. In over a dozen years of working from home, Melody says she has never once regretted the decision. In fact, that decision lead her to being with Raising Small Souls.

“My goal for Raising Small Souls is to share with you not only what I’ve learned over the past 23 years as a parent and educator, but also to bring you resources and advice from others who have professional training, oodles of experience and a wealth of knowledge. If I help just one family raise a happy and emotionally healthy child, then this site has accomplished its goal. I hope that family is yours” says Melody.

Kit Singleton

Kit SingletonSouthern belle and sweet Georgia peach; both accurately describe Kit Singleton. Living in Georgia, Kit has an accent similar to Jeff Foxworthy but is far from being a “redneck”. She loves good-natured teasing and having fun. Kit has found this attitude comes in handy when encouraging and motivating the kids or adults around her.

Kit has a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education, having taught everything from preschool through middle school and a few high school classes (at some point.) She also taught a Special Education self-contained classroom early in her career. During the last 20+ years, she has used her teaching skills in public schools, universities, in addition to other public and private programs. When it comes to helping kids and families live happy, fulfilled lives, she is the go-to girl.

Like many of you, Kit has experience in dealing with tough times and circumstances. Years ago, Kit was the member of a wonderful extended family, which included step-children. Life was good…but then tough times hit.

In a 12 month period, Kit lost two grandparents, her father, her husband, and her step-children. Kit credits her treasured memories (and great friends) for helping her move beyond the grief. It was during this time that she started her first business to help families create lasting memories and strong bonds. Although she has multiple businesses (and talents), the driving force behind everything she does continues be helping children and families.

Kit’s Best Parenting Advice – “Learn to appreciate every moment spent together. Even the trying or tough times can be a source of treasured memories when you take the time to focus on the positive or funny aspects.”


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