Added Benefits of Kids Swimming Lessons

boy swimmies swimmingDoes your child really need swimming lessons? Every situation and family is different, so of course your child’s individual needs are the first thing you’ll want to consider. Given the individual variations, here are the top six added benefits of kids swimming lessons.

1. It’s Harder to Learn as an Adult

Some things are just easier to learn as a child than as an adult, and swimming seems to be one of those things. Adults who don’t know how to swim can have a difficult time learning, whereas a young child can “soak up” swimming instruction relatively quickly.

2. Development is Enhanced

It’s been shown that children’s physical development gets a boost when they swim. Swimming teaches coordination, and how to move different parts of the body at the same time. It also helps the brain – it takes some concentration to move those parts of the body together.

3. Gains Confidence

Children who take swimming lessons may develop a sense of confidence. They have accomplished something – they’ve learned an important skill! A whole world opens up when your child is a confident swimmer. He or she can enjoy the water and relax in situations where there’s water play.

4. Develops a Sense of Safety

Even if there are no other reasons, your child needs swimming lessons for safety. Of course, if a swim instructor or class is unsafe, this defeats the purpose and you should consider pulling your child out of such a class. But learning to swim means peace of mind when your child is on a boat, or out fishing, or near any body of water he or she could fall into. Knowing how to swim can make the difference between life and death.

5. Develops Physical Strength

The fitness aspect of swimming can’t be ignored. In this day and age of video games and “screen time,” kids need physical activity more than ever. Swimming is a skill your child can use as he or she grows up, too. Water aerobics and swimming laps for exercise is great for all stages of life: pregnancy, with small children, as an elderly person with joint problems, and so forth. Learning to swim is a skill that can be invaluable later in life as well as during childhood.

6. Gains Friends and Socializing Skills

Has your non-swimming child felt left out when there’s a pool party? What about when everyone is meeting up at the pool in the summer? Knowing how to swim can open your child up for all kinds of social opportunities. And then there are the lessons themselves – group lessons provide an opportunity to meet other kids who may share some of the same reservations as your child. It can help to know that others are a little afraid of swimming, too!

There are undoubtedly more reasons why your child needs swimming lessons than just these six but just as your child is unique, the added benefits of kids swimming lessons will vary with your own “little fish”.


  1. Seth Ashford says:

    I remember when my little brother started swimming he hated it. However, as he got more acclimated to the water, he became addicted to the water. He just wanted to show off his swimming abilities to everyone around him. Being able to swim is a skill that every kid should know, even if they don’t like it at first.

    Note from Kit: Seth recommends Jersey Wahoos Swim Club for people in that area.