Simple Steps For The Perfect Kids Pool Party

Last summer I hosted a pool party for my kids – it was my first one, and I was surprised at how easy it was. I just had to make sure to check off a few items – mostly the ones you’d think of for a party on land. Here are the simple things I […]

No More Whining!

By Guest Blogger: Melissa Hiller   No More Whining Mom-Jane took my crayon again! Dad-I’m tired of going to school every day! Do these complaints have a constant space in your household? If they do, you’re probably ready to lose your mind. Instead of getting stressed out, learn how to help your child to stop […]

So Many Kids, So Many Pills

  There was a time when there as home remedy for everything. Medication was once considered a last resort. Oatmeal, vinegar and baking soda have been replaced by pills for every little ailment. Unfortunately, it appears this trend has been passed along to our kids. At one time, the most common medication a kid would […]

Good Parenting: Sometimes Less Is More

Contributed by guest blogger: Harriet Cabelly Sometimes less is more. Less rushing in to solve our kids’ problems can result is allowing them the time and space to think things through on their own. In other words, encouraging and facilitating their problem-solving abilities as opposed to enabling them to rely upon us. It is not […]

Be A Great Parent: Let Your Kids Feel

In our quest to be great parents and have great performing children, we have gone way overboard towards what’s being called helicopter parenting or bubble-wrap parenting.   We have great intentions but are we doing what’s in the best interest of our kids?   By overprotecting them, are we providing them with the necessary life-skills to manage, […]

Monitoring Early Childhood Development

The growth of a child is incredibly important. Parents invest time, money and energy in making sure that their children are growing mentally, emotionally and physically in the proper manner. There are a number of resources that are available to help parents track and monitor the development of their children. Early childhood development is extremely […]

It’s Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party! What to Do?

Guest post:  Written by Chris Molnar, a writer, work at home Dad and editor of a party theme idea blog. Chris has two rambunctious daughters, and just bought a bunch of Elmo party supplies for his youngest’s first birthday. Your little bundle of joy is turning one year old and you need to put together […]

Get the Little Ones Off to Sleep With These Top Tips

Guest post: This post was written by Sophie Baker-Britton on behalf of My Duvet and Pillow, specialists in expertly crafted down duvets and pillows for children and adults alike. Many parents will be familiar with the challenges faced when putting your child to bed at night; from temper tantrums to simply not being able to […]

Summer Fun with The Kids

Guest post by Liz at Playsmart UK, who install safety surfacing for children’s play areas. There is a wealth of games and activities to enjoy with your children this year- don’t feel daunted by the stretch of school holidays, this is an opportunity to make the most of your time together. There are family days […]

Internet Safety: Your Children and Social Networking Sites

Social media is of course the most well-known of all ways we use the internet and most of us are well acquainted with FaceBook and sometimes other social networking sites. Social media however extends to YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and many other sites that encourage social sharing and interaction. In this article we look at how social […]