Book Review: Tilly’s Moonlight Garden

We received advanced review copy of Tilly’s Moonlight Garden by Julia Green prior to its October 2012 release.Tilly's Moonlight Garden

Tilly’s Moonlight Garden is about a young girl adjusting to changes in her life. Tilly and her family have recently moved to a new home where she has no friends. Her mother is ill. Her father is a writer and neither have much time to help Tilly adjust.

One evening Tilly discovers a secret magical garden tucked away in her yard. Within it, she finds a new friend named Helen. Over the winter and into the spring, the elusive Helen helps Tilly come to terms with changes in her life. As Tilly becomes more confident and makes a new friend, Helen slowly fades away.

I’m an avid reader and to be honest, I wasn’t sure I would like the book since it was written for the tween/young adult age group. However, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the story. Even more surprising was my husband read and loved it too. Now that’s quite the compliment considering his favorite reading material is National Geographic.

The author does a great job of blending real life issues with a touch of magic which will capture the hearts of readers, young and old. In addition, I loved that the story was left to make one wonder if what Tilly experienced was real or imaginative.

As I start to gather books for my upcoming grandparent years, this will be a story that my husband and I will enjoy reading to the grand-kids. In the meantime, we have nieces and nephews that we’ll be sharing the story with.

If you’d like to get a copy of  Tilly’s Moonlight Garden, it’s available at Amazon.

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