7 Deadly Habits that Destroy Relationships and 7 Connecting Habits

According to Dr. William Glasser, noted psychiatrist and author of numerous books, all relationships have the same fundamentals. When we behave in a manner that yields more connection between the two parties, then we are engaging in connecting habits. On the other hand, if we were to act in a way that promotes disconnection, then […]

Stereotypes and parenting

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” by Amy Chiu, not only brings up nearly taboo subjects of race and culture, but calls directly into question the basic model for Western parenting. There is a strong stereotype in the United States regarding successful and smart Chinese people, and […]

Short Story

Mom, Dad and 6-year-old Tommy went to a restaurant for dinner. After reading their menus, each member of the family placed an order. Dad:  “I’ll have the garlic veal with fried rice.” Mom:  “I’ll have grilled chicken with the chef’s salad.” Tommy:  “I’ll have a corned beef sandwich with extra pickles.” Mom hastened to interrupt, […]

About The Growing Backlash Against Overparenting

On Saturday, Time Magazine was dropped through my mail slot and I glanced at the mail and was intrigued to see that the cover story was by Nancy Gibbs on the topic of “helicopter parenting”. Here’s the introduction: “Overparenting got way out of control in the past generation. But now a band of rebels is […]

Musings on “Life Is Not Fair” & Sarah Palin

Politics aside, as I learn more about Sarah Palin, John McCain’s vice presidential running mate, some deep parenting questions surface within my heart. Governor Palin is a mother of five children. Trig, the four-month-old baby has been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. At seventeen years of age, Bristol, her eldest daughter, is expecting a baby this […]

Eating With Children

EATING WITH CHILDREN by: Mona R. Spiegel, Ph.D. “My Family Coach” Helping Women and Their Families http://www.myfamilycoach.com Introduction: What’s for Supper? Long before your child comes home and asks, “What’s for supper?” you’ve already asked yourself that question. You might have had an idea or two, but then you started to think: ‘She doesn’t like […]

Fathers and Babies

In recent years, we have seen the trend towards more fathers having greater involvement in their baby’s lives. Two or three generations ago, the idea of a Dad preparing formula for his infant would have been a bit unusual. Now, dads worlwide are involved in their baby’s care nearly as much as moms. Recently, I […]