Parenting Phrases That Defy Argument

With kids, especially teenagers, you might think that they were born to be lawyers. They can seem to turn your words around on you in a second. If you are dealing with this issue, we can help. Below you will find out ways to phrase your words so that there is no mistake as to […]

Good Parenting: 5 Parenting Experts Share Their Best Tips

As you know our Summer Master Parenting Class is right around the corner. We have a fabulous line up of speakers. Here are some of their words of wisdom: Aurelia Williams, July 9, 9-10pm EST Here are some “Don’ts” that Aurelia recommends when talking to teens: DON’T Dictate While you may have the wisdom of […]

Resilient Kids: Learn To Celebrate Your Mistakes So Your Kids Can Too!

I am so excited! Jane Nelsen from Positive Discipline has agreed to join us for our Summer Master Parenting Class. Last year I became a Positive Discipline instructor and my love for the Positive Discipline approach has grown. There are 27 basic tools of Positive Discipline. Each one is valuable. I was just reading over […]

Good Parenting: Sometimes Less Is More

Contributed by guest blogger: Harriet Cabelly Sometimes less is more. Less rushing in to solve our kids’ problems can result is allowing them the time and space to think things through on their own. In other words, encouraging and facilitating their problem-solving abilities as opposed to enabling them to rely upon us. It is not […]

The Best Way To Parent: Parent With Confidence

There are so many schools of thought when it comes to parenting. For thousands of years there was one way to parent and everyone adhered to it. Children were expected to be dutiful and obedient, seen and not heard. So, what changed? Enter a new field of study: child psychology, pioneered by Freud. He believed […]

Be A Great Parent: Let Your Kids Feel

In our quest to be great parents and have great performing children, we have gone way overboard towards what’s being called helicopter parenting or bubble-wrap parenting.   We have great intentions but are we doing what’s in the best interest of our kids?   By overprotecting them, are we providing them with the necessary life-skills to manage, […]

Why Kids Should Travel

Five Reasons Why Travel Experiences are Essential for Young Kids The meaning of “local” is changing. About a century ago, most children grew up with an idea of local that was restricted to their city limits, or the farthest end of Main Street. Today, the whole world is starting to become its own “locality”. It’s […]

Multicultural Classroom Activities for Children

Multicultural classroom activities for children are now becoming a necessity because of educational institutions having children from diverse cultural backgrounds under its tutelage. In a society where political correctness is a significant factor in showing respect and sensitivity to cultures other than one’s own, the participation of educational institutions is highly important in molding children […]

Ten Tips for Parenting Teenagers

Ten Essential Tips for Parenting Teenagers First – it’s true. The teenage years are the most difficult years of a parent’s life. Perhaps not immediately, but when you stop and look at the stages you can expect to observe in your child’s life, you quickly realize your friendly 14-year-old son may not even be speaking […]

Three Mothers – An Unconventional Setup

Guest post by: Stacey Cavanagh No matter how old you get, no matter how clever or how self-sufficient and independent you become, you never stop wanting your Mother on a bad day. It might be a stupid argument with the boyfriend (that will undoubtedly repair itself after half hour and sugary cup of tea) a […]