Character is the combined traits and qualities that define an individual. It describes a variety of attributes including the existence of (or lack of) virtues such as integrity, courage, kindness, resourcefulness, self-control, respect, compassion, fortitude, honesty, loyalty, responsibility and many more good behaviors and habits.

Adult Children Paying Rent Encourages Responsibility

The concept of adult kids living at home and paying rent is a bit of a controversial one. Some people are adamantly opposed to it, while others consider it essential. What most people will agree on is that it is somewhat situational. Some parents hold that adult children who have just gone through a devastating […]

Build Resilience with Confidence, Encouragement and Empathy

Building resilience in kids is a hot topic. Intellectually, we all want our kids to be able to cope with the challenges of every day life and of course be able to bounce back from disappointment. But when we are met with our child’s downcast face or even tears, our best intentions seem to melt […]

Kids Learn Responsibility When Caring for Pets

Your child wants a pet. But, should you get them one? Kids do learn responsibility when caring for pets. Kids like cute things and many pets are cute. It shouldn’t surprise you when they ask for one. You might get a request for a cat, dog, rabbit, horse, iguana, lizard, turtle or other animal. You […]

How To Teach Your Kids Responsibility

You want your kids to be responsible but knowing how to teach teach your kids responsibility may be a bit baffling to you. The key is to get the whole family involved in the process whenever possible.  Remember, that it all begins with you, the parent, so let’s start there and then examine additional ideas. […]

More About Chores and Responsible Kids

Do you want to your kids to be more responsible? Many parents today are looking for ways to do this and are finding that adding a few chores to their kids schedule works beautifully. If this sounds interesting, here is a bit more about chores and responsible kids – including how to get started with […]

Parenting Strategies to Raise Responsible Kids

As parents, you probably want to raise your children to be responsible, but you may be unsure just what that looks like or how to do it. First, it helps to know what responsibility really means. What Does It Mean to Be Responsible? In a nutshell, being responsible means taking a personal interest in and […]

Developing Independent Teens – Picking Your Battles

Living with a teenager can make what was once a peaceful, joy-filled home seem like a battle zone. The inner struggle between childhood and adulthood that is raging inside a teenager often leads to conflicts between parent and child. These may leave either or both parties unable to see and think clearly. Disagreements over things […]

Parenting Teens Who Make Poor Choices

You have imparted all of your words of wisdom on your child over the years. You have shared your personal failures and examples of poor choices – at least the PG-13 version of them – and shown how you grew and learned from them. You have spent every day of your teenager’s life molding, shaping, […]

Choices and Mistakes Develop Childs Independence

Wouldn’t it be nice if our kids just listened to everything we told them? We could impart all of our hard-earned wisdom upon them and save them from the agony of the many mistakes we made. They wouldn’t have to learn things the hard way since we already did that for them. Life would be […]

The Physical and Social Consequences of Teenage Smoking

If you haven’t seen the ads yet, smoking is both addictive and deadly. It can lead to cancers and disfigurement. But, many adult smokers began this habit when they were teenagers. Help your teen to realize what they are in for if they begin to smoke. You want to count out all that your teen […]