Cyberbullying and Teens – The Basics for Parents

Cyberbullying has increased. To effectively stop cyberbullying, it is important not only to know what it is, but also how it presents itself, and the possible effects. Awareness is the key to preventing any occurrences and ensuring that your children … Continue reading

Bad Feeling Child is Lying – No Proof

Parents have amazing intuition when it comes to their children. We tend to get a little niggling feeling, especially when something is wrong. As much as we’d like to think that we are always on target , we are human … Continue reading

How Grandparents Share Wisdom and Experience

You’re probably familiar with the stereotypical image of the grandparent lecturing his or her grandchild about the “good old days.” Of course, the grandchild is bored with the discussion. It’s true that kids tend to ignore, moralizing lectures. But they … Continue reading

Roles Grandparents Play in Today’s Family

Everyone’s family situation is a bit different, and the role of grandparents varies from family to family. Grandparents have their own style of grandparenting, and family dynamics can run the gamut from grandparent-friendly to quite distant (sometimes literally, as many … Continue reading

How to Talk to Grandchildren – Breaking the Ice

There can certainly be awkward moments when trying to warm up to your grandchildren, especially if you don’t see them very often. How do you start a conversation? Kids don’t often want to talk about the same things that adults … Continue reading

Grandparents Parenting Again: Raising Emotionally Healthy Grandchildren

The number of children under the age of 18 who are living with their grandparents has grown tremendously during the last decade. More and more grandparents find themselves raising their grandkids for a host of reasons. Sometimes, the reasons involve … Continue reading

Keeping Dad Involved in Parenting Teen

Dad, does the thought of getting involved in your teen’s life scare you? As a father, do you think that maybe you should just back off and let your teen child have his or her independence? It’s true that teens … Continue reading

Keep Kids Connected with Friends During the Summer

Childhood friendships can help define who we will become as adults. That may seem like a strong statement, but it is often true. And, since these friendships are so meaningful, parents will want to do what they can to keep … Continue reading

Characteristics of Strong Single Parenting Families

If you are a single parent, you may not think it’s possible to have a strong family or even be a real family at all. But that’s simply not true! Single-parent families are “real” families. You can foster characteristics of … Continue reading

Single Parenting Overcoming Guilt

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes guilt can play a part in your single parenting. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s only natural to feel some guilt about your situation. But most of the time, that guilt is misplaced. If you’re single parenting, … Continue reading