Co-Parenting Strategies Help Avoid Conflicts

Under the best set of circumstances parenting can be difficult, but it can be even more challenging if you are attempting to co-parent effectively. Does this position, sound familiar? Don’t give up. There are some co-parenting strategies to help avoid conflicts and minimize problems. See if any of these strategies will help you keep the […]

Single Parents Co-parenting with Different Values

Co-parenting with different values can be quite challenging for you as single parents. When you don’t have the same values as your ex, you may see his or her values – or lack of them – as damaging or confusing to your children. Like most parenting challenges, it is best to face the problems by […]

How to Handle Unwanted Parenting Advice

In this world, there is no shortage of opinions. Someone is always ready to hand out the advice, whether you ask for it or not. The most aggravating of situations is when people seek to give you advice on raising your children even if you don’t ask. How do you handle these situations? “If I […]

Sibling Rivalry: Simple Ways To Stop The Fighting

The fighting that can go on between siblings can drive even the calmest parents crazy. What we may not realize is that we often get in the middle of the fray and ask questions that can exacerbate the problem. For example: Cleaning up from dinner: Why cant you kids just clean up dinner? Why does everything […]

Quality Time With Children vs Making Connections

Virtually all parents consider a trip to the playground or a museum to be quality time with their children. An afternoon spent together at a park is quality time; however children need more than just quality time with their parents; they need connection time. We are well aware as to when our children feel connected […]

Raise your hand if you never yell!

Part 1 of a two-part poll I conduct with my audiences: “Raise your hand if you were reared by a mother who never yelled, yet you consistently obeyed her. To clarify, your mother may have raised her voice emphatically on occasion, but never broke the sound barrier with it.” In a recent audience of slightly […]

When Parent’s Style and Child’s Style Clash

Parenting with Style: Why You Might Clash with Your Child Every morning, six-year-old Josh and his mom clash. A daydreamer by nature, Josh moves through life at a slower pace than his task-oriented mom. This is most evident in the morning when meandering Josh and his highly organized mother are trying to get out the […]

A Parenting Nightmare

Question: How can you and your child get past you walking in on her (7 years old) watching an Adult movie for about 1 hour & 23 minutes  to be exact.  My husband was watching her and fell asleep, so she chose her own movie. Sincerely, Eva in San Fransico, CA Answer: This is a […]

Rebellious Teen

The teen and toddler stages ( the terrible T’s) tempt parents to run screaming into the night out of frustration. It’s true that wise parenting includes knowing when to pick your battles. Unfortunately, it’s during these two stages of growing independence that we must “out stubborn” our kids to stay connected with them. If your […]

Disconnected from 12-year-old-daughter

Question: For some reason, I feel like I have a chronic “dis-connect” from my eldest daughter, 12. I worry I’m failing her as a parent and really need help and advice. I know that we have a pattern of my asking her to do something, her not listening, then I get frustrated and bark orders […]