Kindergarten Bullying: Awareness and Prevention

Kindergarten bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed both at school and at home for proper resolution. Find out more about kindergarten bullies and how you can keep your child and other kids safe.

How To Deal With Teens Lying

There are two major issues to be considered with respect to teens lying to their parents: the parent-child relationship and the extent to which the teen sees his parents as authority figures. First, we’ll examine the relationship.  As discussed in my most recent article on the subject of parenting teenagers and peer pressure, if we […]

Lasting Behavior Changes

We recently asked “What is your most pressing parenting problem?”. We  had several note worthy replies. Here are just a few: Getting my 11-year-old motivated to do more and to avoid disagreements. My 9-year-old daughter is very disrespectful and I want to address that. I not only want to be a better grandparent than I […]

Difference Between Peer Pressure and Peer Influence

For years, parents have heard about peer pressure and how dangerous it can be to and for our children. We may have been putting too much emphasis on this given how peer influence affects our kids! So what is the difference between peer pressure and peer influence? For the answer, we looked to one of […]

When Parent’s Style and Child’s Style Clash

Parenting with Style: Why You Might Clash with Your Child Every morning, six-year-old Josh and his mom clash. A daydreamer by nature, Josh moves through life at a slower pace than his task-oriented mom. This is most evident in the morning when meandering Josh and his highly organized mother are trying to get out the […]

Teen Drinking

Question: My 13-year-old son has come home from friend’s houses with alcohol on his breath a few too many times. My husband says that a drink here and there is nothing to worry about. My husband is not an alcoholic; he hardly ever gets drunk although he has a glass or two of wine to […]

Help Child Cope with Grandparent’s Death

Coping with a death or any type of loss can be difficult for adults.  For a child, grief can be even more complicated and confusing, depending on their age, experience, and maturity level. If your child is acting out or withdrawn after a loss, the answer to this mother’s question may help your family through […]

Get Respect from Disrespectful Son

Parenting can be one of the most stressful jobs you ever have. If you constantly deal with a bossy, whiny, demanding, disrespectful child who also has melt downs at the drop of a hat (among other bad behaviors), your life may feel like a living hell. You are not alone! This mother’s situation and question […]

How do I Stop Yelling at my Child?

Parents are only human and for some, yelling can be a problem. If you yell at the kids and feel guilty, this situation and question may seem very familiar! Discover how to stop yelling with the ideas and strategies found in the answer to the parent question.

Rebellious Teen

The teen and toddler stages ( the terrible T’s) tempt parents to run screaming into the night out of frustration. It’s true that wise parenting includes knowing when to pick your battles. Unfortunately, it’s during these two stages of growing independence that we must “out stubborn” our kids to stay connected with them. If your […]