Is Shunning an Act of Bullying?

One of our readers had an excellent question about kids who deliberately avoid or reject another.  We’ve probably all experienced this either for ourselves or watched it happen to someone else.  Shunning for no known reason to the person being ignored can be confusing and hurtful. We asked expert, Amy Burzinski to offer some feedback […]

Signs of Being Bullied

There have always been bullies in the world, but it seems in recent years bullying has gotten a lot worse. Perhaps it is just being recognized and addressed more than in years past, but the fact remains, children get bullied not only at school but at home, online and in other public locations. So how […]

Kindergarten Bullying: Awareness and Prevention

Kindergarten bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed both at school and at home for proper resolution. Find out more about kindergarten bullies and how you can keep your child and other kids safe.

Difference Between Peer Pressure and Peer Influence

For years, parents have heard about peer pressure and how dangerous it can be to and for our children. We may have been putting too much emphasis on this given how peer influence affects our kids! So what is the difference between peer pressure and peer influence? For the answer, we looked to one of […]

How To Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Putting Your SELF in the Development of Self-Esteem By Dyan Eybergen, RN © 2009 Self-esteem is not something children are born with. Its development begins during infancy and is primarily based on the interactions children have with their parents and that those interactions are positive in nature. The development of children’s self-esteem unfolds with the […]

A Parenting Nightmare

Question: How can you and your child get past you walking in on her (7 years old) watching an Adult movie for about 1 hour & 23 minutes  to be exact.  My husband was watching her and fell asleep, so she chose her own movie. Sincerely, Eva in San Fransico, CA Answer: This is a […]

Teen Drinking

Question: My 13-year-old son has come home from friend’s houses with alcohol on his breath a few too many times. My husband says that a drink here and there is nothing to worry about. My husband is not an alcoholic; he hardly ever gets drunk although he has a glass or two of wine to […]

How to Deal with Divorce, Shared Custody, and Father’s Behavior

When parents share custody and live in separate homes, things can get ugly. So what do you do if you believe the other parent’s behavior seems inappropriate or borders on abuse? This mom finds out. Question: I am a single parent who currently shares 50% custody of my 3 daughters ages 3, 5, and 8. […]