Cognitive/intellectual growth (knowledge & learning) involves such things as information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, remembering information, problem solving, drawing conclusions, and the ability to acquire knowledge, among other things.

10 Activities and Tips Develop Children’s Reading Skills

One of the major milestones in your children’s lives is learning to read. As a parent, this is a wonderful time but the prospect may cause some concerns. Since children begin learning the skills needed to read from birth, it’s important that you begin setting the stage early. Here are ten activities and tips to […]

Motivate and Challenge Gifted Children

Gifted children have a great capacity to learn quickly and efficiently. This is almost always a positive quality. The downside to this is that your child may feel bored and unmotivated when they have to keep the slower pace of peers in a group who may take a little longer to grasp the concepts taught. […]

Help Your Gifted Child Succeed in School

Having a gifted child can feel like a big responsibility. You want your child to be able to live up to their full potential, and don’t want to hold them back. Gifted children have some areas that come easily to them. Like all children, however, they each have unique circumstances that can both help and […]

How to Encourage and Support Your Budding Writer

So you noticed that your child is writing on practically everything in sight. It may even seem to be a problem. Congratulations! You may be the parent of a budding writer. It is a great joy to be a parent to a budding writer. Seeing a child create and express themselves through writing is an […]

How to Encourage and Support Your Budding Teacher

Aside from parents, teachers are our children’s most influential role models. Many children admit that they would like to teach when they grow up. The world can always use dedicated teachers, so this is a wonderful and honorable job to encourage in a child who expresses that desire. What can you do to encourage your […]

What is ADHD?

ADHD, better known as Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, is quickly becoming one of the most diagnosed conditions. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) there are nearly 1.6 million cases of ADHD diagnosed every year. The diagnoses doesn’t just affect children, there are more and more adults also being diagnosed with the […]

Help Kids Retain What They Learn

Everyone has a different way of learning and even of retaining information. In order to help kids retain what they learn, it’s important to start with a good foundation. Once this foundation is in place, there are some learning techniques which can further enhance learning and retention. The two most important daily habits that will […]

How to Keep Kids Learning During Summer Break

While most parents relish the thought of not having to get the kids off to school, summer break has challenges of its own. Having the kids home for summer may make for relaxed days, but keeping the kids from being bored while keeping their minds active is not an easy task. However, with a little […]

School Summer Break – Good or Bad?

We’re headed into the homestretch with schools’ summer break coming up quickly. This time of year often brings up the question – is summer break from school a good or bad idea? This question can bring up strong feelings for many people and mixed feelings for others. Depending on whom you ask, you may get […]

Simple Ways To Promote Academic Success

As parents we are always looking for ways to help our children succeed at school. But now the experts are saying we are trying too hard and we are too involved in our kid’s schoolwork. It does seem to be true, it seems as if kids are more stressed and less responsible. So can we […]