Cognitive/intellectual growth (knowledge & learning) involves such things as information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, remembering information, problem solving, drawing conclusions, and the ability to acquire knowledge, among other things.

Monitoring Early Childhood Development

The growth of a child is incredibly important. Parents invest time, money and energy in making sure that their children are growing mentally, emotionally and physically in the proper manner. There are a number of resources that are available to help parents track and monitor the development of their children. Early childhood development is extremely […]

Early Education for Children Suffering From Autism

Autism is a condition that affects children in all social and psychological aspects. Special programs must be designed for the early education of children suffering with this developmental disorder. About 10 children in every 100,000 are afflicted with this condition and it prevents them from interacting socially with other children their age. There is a […]

“Don’t Write Off My Child!”

When my son was in the 7th grade, I was told in May of that year that his teacher wanted to hold him back due to low test scores, lack of interest, and lack of effort. Although I immediately disagreed with the later two, I suggested having him tested for a learning disability. I was […]

Why do Children Ask ‘Why’?

When my oldest son was 4 he asked a lot of “why” questions. “Why do people have bones that are hard?” “Why are frogs green?” “Why is this puzzle piece shaped like this?” It got to be exhausting. I felt as a responsible parent I should provide my son with answers, but some “why” questions […]

8 Great Tips to Make Reading Books Fun for Babies

Reading is a very important part of a child’s development in various ways. In addition to the educational role reading plays in a child’s life it can also be used as an activity for parent and child to bond. It is important to make reading books fun for young children, and there are many ways […]

Online Preschool Programs Help Build Skills and Relationships

As countless foreign language instructors can attest, both children and adults learn best by being immersed in the learning process. This is especially true for younger children in the formative stages of development, since the habits and skills they learn in the earliest years form the basis for all later educational endeavors. Providing a rich, […]

School Performance – Parenting Kids to be Good Students pt. 2

This is a followup to an article addressing school performance as our kids approach or enter the middle school years. As our children get older, they have to accept more ownership and we take on less responsibility. I suggest to any of you reading this article to stop and return to this article after reading […]

School Performance – Parenting Kids to be Good Students

This i part 1 of a two-part series in which Alan Carson shares his experiences and thoughts as well as introduces you to a parenting philosophy that can influence your kids to be good students. Several weeks ago NBC and its sister networks devoted hours of programming to exploring the wide-ranging failure of public education […]

Help Kids Study

Did you know that kids learn in many ways, yet schools test in only one?  This ultimately means that the written tests used in school, favors only one kind of learner. While we all wish that written tests weren’t the only measure of your child’s success in school, it turns out we’ve been in a […]

How To Help Your Child Focus!

Kayla Fay, a noted educator, wrote a valuable ebook called “Focus Pocus” which contains ONE HUNDRED ways for you to help your child focus and stay on task. Kayla kindly gave me permission to share several useful tips with you here… these are my favorites.  Read the book and see which ideas will become your […]