Conflict resolution is the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of social conflict including but not limited to negotiation, mediation, diplomacy, and creative peace building.

Snappy Siblings

Question: I just read what Dyan wrote on this site, via the email- loved it – and I have a question and need help! What should we do with our eleven-year-old son who is continuously being “snappy” and short tempered (yelling, being crabby) with his eight-year-old sister?  He complains that she is annoying; and while […]

How do I Stop Yelling at my Child?

Parents are only human and for some, yelling can be a problem. If you yell at the kids and feel guilty, this situation and question may seem very familiar! Discover how to stop yelling with the ideas and strategies found in the answer to the parent question.


There are so many powerful thoughts regarding raising small souls cruising through my mind today that I scarcely know where to begin! We recently returned from a most unique vacation- a wilderness program for ‘at-risk’ teens in the San Francisco Bay area. After my husband worked in the camp for the latter half of July, […]

How To End Temper Tantrums

I will never forget the man whom I met at my in-law’s home last year. Standing at six-feet tall, with broad shoulders, and a hardened military expression of seriousness on his face, he appeared intimidating- even to me. Then I heard that he used to work in a top-secret government job, and on 9/11 his […]

How To Eliminate Sibling Rivalry

“A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” an ancient quote proclaims. Parents can derive much comfort from the universality of sibling rivalry. At the very beginning of time, the first two siblings, Cain and Abel, did not get along with each other, and as a result Cain killed his brother! Fortunately, we can rest assured […]

Discovering the Root of the Problem

What is every parent’s automatic reaction to becoming aware of a problematic issue with their child? Yes, they try to fix it. Immediately! Sometimes it is a good idea to stop and wait. Get to know your child better, and perhaps let several hours or days pass by prior to reacting. When the brand-new bottle […]

The Golden Rule of Punishing Kids

There are modern parenting advisors who believe that punishing children is off-limits. They say that proper behaviors can be instilled in children without any punishments. However, punishment need not be defined as corporal punishment. Banning corporal punishment and hitting is a reasonable position. The only exception might be the child who is not yet three […]