Creative growth refers to the development of a child’s creative abilities using developmentally and age appropriate practices. Creative skills include using ones imagination, talents, skills, originality and self-expression.

How Learning to Paint Benefits Children

Painting allows children to express their creativity and have fun. Developing a skill like painting provides the stimulus children need to be successful in all aspects of life. Let’s see how learning to paint can benefit your child! Foster creativity Children who paint learn to think with an open mind, to look at situations creatively. […]

How Learning to Play Music Benefits Children

No matter your child’s age, music plays a huge part in their life. From infancy, mothers sing and hum to their babies and then in grade school they learn the basics of reading music and may begin playing the flute-o-fone or similar instrument. When they reach Junior High and High School our children may join […]

How to Motivate Your Child

Children, just like adults, often perform better when there is a proverbial carrot dangling just ahead. A bit of motivation can work wonders to guide your child towards better behavior or improved schoolwork. Sometimes this motivation can come from your household or it can come from tutors at Takelessons. The old fashioned chart is the […]