Communication involves the verbal and nonverbal exchange of words and cues between two or more people. It includes components such as facial expressions, body language and tone of speech. Listening is a vital part of communication!

“Kids These Days…!” The Best Way To Teach Your Kids Right From Wrong

“Kids these days don’t know right from wrong!” “Kids these days have no values!” Do you find yourself saying statements like the ones above? Welcome to Parenthood! Most parents feel it is their job to impart their values, morals and belief systems to their children. I know I do. Because we feel so strongly about […]

Sibling Rivalry: What Do You Do When One Sibling In The Family Has It All

Sibling Rivalry, I think, is one of the toughest issues that parents need to manage. In many families there is a child, who seems to have it all and another child who struggles and seems lost behind the shine of his sibling. This is a tricky issue and many parents are stumped as to how […]

How To Talk To Kids: What Not To Say

Last night, I said, “If all your friends jumped off the Empire State Building would you do it too?” I love cliche sayings like that, but because I know it doesn’t work with kids it just annoys them, I rarely use them. Once in a while I let myself go. I always think to myself, […]

Simple Ways To Parent Without Anger: A Sneak Peek At Our Class

In our 2 part series, Simple Ways To Parent Without Anger, we talked a lot about what anger is. We all know that anger can be the cause of a slew of problems. Including heart disease, depression, and anxiety. It also can contribute to unstable homes, poor job performance and even car accidents. However, we […]

Helping Kids Listen: What You Need To Know

When I give my parenting classes, I noticed there is one thing that most parents want to know: How do I get my kids to listen? In my home, whenever I see my kids doing what they are not supposed to do and not listening, I have to hold myself back. I just want to […]

Sibling Rivalry: Simple Ways To Stop The Fighting

The fighting that can go on between siblings can drive even the calmest parents crazy. What we may not realize is that we often get in the middle of the fray and ask questions that can exacerbate the problem. For example: Cleaning up from dinner: Why cant you kids just clean up dinner? Why does everything […]

Conflict Resolution and Sharing Toys

The rain has finally stopped here in  Cleveland and  we have had a few of days of sunshine. The sandbox in the park had a couple of days to dry up. My two younger children were itching to get themselves dirty. My son took out the sand toys. There is one toy in particular that […]

Effective Parenting Questions

Questions seem to be a popular technique that parents use when communicating with their children. As a parent educator I was always trained to be careful when questioning children because we parents will use questions to: Admonish our children: “Why do you always have to give me a problem when you get into the car?” […]

How To Stop Kids from Cursing

Guest post by: Daniela Baker Children are bound to pick up bad habits from time to time. Unfortunately, some of those habits have worse consequences than others. One of these habits is cursing, and it can get your child in quite a bit of trouble when they are at school or in other public places […]

A Child’s Wisdom

Submitted by Raelynn Maloney, Ph.D.  Author of Waking Up: A Parent’s Guide to Mindful Awareness and Connection Owner and Director of A Mindful Place 1950 West Littleton Boulevard, Suite 117. Littleton, Colorado 80120. 303-358.6561 Every child is gifted with a simple form of logic and honesty that can reveal a timeless wisdom to […]