Sibling rivalry is a type of competition or animosity among children, blood-related or not. It is particularly intense when children are very close in age and of the same gender, or when one child feels inadequate or slighted.

Sibling Rivalry: What Do You Do When One Sibling In The Family Has It All

Sibling Rivalry, I think, is one of the toughest issues that parents need to manage. In many families there is a child, who seems to have it all and another child who struggles and seems lost behind the shine of his sibling. This is a tricky issue and many parents are stumped as to how […]

Sibling Rivalry: Simple Ways To Stop The Fighting

The fighting that can go on between siblings can drive even the calmest parents crazy. What we may not realize is that we often get in the middle of the fray and ask questions that can exacerbate the problem. For example: Cleaning up from dinner: Why cant you kids just clean up dinner? Why does everything […]

How To Handle Sibling Rivarly Without Losing Your Mind!

When Becky had her first child, Ryan, she could not believe how much she loved him and how much she loved being a Mom. Her husband and her had no qualms about having another child. It seemed the natural thing to do. Wouldn’t Ryan love to have another child to play with and love? Ten […]

Conflict Resolution

Dear RaisingSmallSouls, I’m a stay-at-home mom of two rambunctious boys, aged 5 and 3. lately, I feel like all they do is fight, fight, fight! (“I want the blue car” – “Me, me” – you get the picture!) How can I make it stop? Thanks, A Frazzled Mom Dear Frazzled Mom, You may find comfort […]

Snappy Siblings

Question: I just read what Dyan wrote on this site, via the email- loved it – and I have a question and need help! What should we do with our eleven-year-old son who is continuously being “snappy” and short tempered (yelling, being crabby) with his eight-year-old sister?  He complains that she is annoying; and while […]


There’s Daddy-Guilt as well, however since the majority of my subscribers are women, for the sake of simplicity I’ll stick to the feminine gender in this article:) How often does Mommy-Guilt hit upon you? For some of us, it’s only a few times a month, when we realized that we parented our child in a […]

How To Treat Your Different Children Fairly

“It’s not fair!” is one of the most common outcries of children in every age bracket. Children will invoke the perceived power of the ‘fairness doctrine’ at any opportunity that does not turn out to their liking. Oftentimes they will succeed in intimidating their parents to change their minds by demonstrating the lack of fairness […]

How To Eliminate Sibling Rivalry

“A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” an ancient quote proclaims. Parents can derive much comfort from the universality of sibling rivalry. At the very beginning of time, the first two siblings, Cain and Abel, did not get along with each other, and as a result Cain killed his brother! Fortunately, we can rest assured […]