Social-emotional development influences all other areas of a child's development including cognitive, motor, and language skills. Social and emotional growth affects how a child feels about him/herself and how he/she is able to express ideas and emotions.

Cyberbullying and Teens – The Basics for Parents

Cyberbullying has increased. To effectively stop cyberbullying, it is important not only to know what it is, but also how it presents itself, and the possible effects. Awareness is the key to preventing any occurrences and ensuring that your children do not become victims. What is considered cyberbullying can vary. Essentially, cyberbullying occurs when a […]

Kids Learn Responsibility When Caring for Pets

Your child wants a pet. But, should you get them one? Kids do learn responsibility when caring for pets. Kids like cute things and many pets are cute. It shouldn’t surprise you when they ask for one. You might get a request for a cat, dog, rabbit, horse, iguana, lizard, turtle or other animal. You […]

More About Chores and Responsible Kids

Do you want to your kids to be more responsible? Many parents today are looking for ways to do this and are finding that adding a few chores to their kids schedule works beautifully. If this sounds interesting, here is a bit more about chores and responsible kids – including how to get started with […]

Parenting Strategies to Raise Responsible Kids

As parents, you probably want to raise your children to be responsible, but you may be unsure just what that looks like or how to do it. First, it helps to know what responsibility really means. What Does It Mean to Be Responsible? In a nutshell, being responsible means taking a personal interest in and […]

Developing Independent Teens – Picking Your Battles

Living with a teenager can make what was once a peaceful, joy-filled home seem like a battle zone. The inner struggle between childhood and adulthood that is raging inside a teenager often leads to conflicts between parent and child. These may leave either or both parties unable to see and think clearly. Disagreements over things […]

Parenting Teens Who Make Poor Choices

You have imparted all of your words of wisdom on your child over the years. You have shared your personal failures and examples of poor choices – at least the PG-13 version of them – and shown how you grew and learned from them. You have spent every day of your teenager’s life molding, shaping, […]

Choices and Mistakes Develop Childs Independence

Wouldn’t it be nice if our kids just listened to everything we told them? We could impart all of our hard-earned wisdom upon them and save them from the agony of the many mistakes we made. They wouldn’t have to learn things the hard way since we already did that for them. Life would be […]

Added Benefits of Kids Swimming Lessons

Does your child really need swimming lessons? Every situation and family is different, so of course your child’s individual needs are the first thing you’ll want to consider. Given the individual variations, here are the top six added benefits of kids swimming lessons. 1. It’s Harder to Learn as an Adult Some things are just […]

ADHD Child: Making Friends and Building Social Skills

Children in general may have a hard time socializing due to being shy or unsure of how to interact with others. Kids with ADHD often have an even more difficult time trying to build friendships because they lack the social skills needed. However, you can help them build these skills. The key to forming friendships […]

What is ADHD?

ADHD, better known as Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, is quickly becoming one of the most diagnosed conditions. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) there are nearly 1.6 million cases of ADHD diagnosed every year. The diagnoses doesn’t just affect children, there are more and more adults also being diagnosed with the […]