Social-emotional development influences all other areas of a child's development including cognitive, motor, and language skills. Social and emotional growth affects how a child feels about him/herself and how he/she is able to express ideas and emotions.

Keep Kids Connected with Friends During the Summer

Childhood friendships can help define who we will become as adults. That may seem like a strong statement, but it is often true. And, since these friendships are so meaningful, parents will want to do what they can to keep their kids connected with their friends during the summer months. Get together Before the end […]

Keeping Calm with Angry Teenagers

Teenagers are often described as being filled with angst. While this might or might not accurately describe your teenager, your teen may have an issue with anger. What happens when keeping your sanity with angry teenagers doesn’t seem possible? Here are some tips to help you maintain your grip and keep lines of communication with […]

Designer Drugs 101

We have taught our kids about drugs and the side effects. They may even know someone who has tried drugs. But there is a new game in town – designer drugs. Here are some facts about these drugs and how to keep your kids safe. When you talk about drugs, kids know that you are […]

Teach Your Child Empathy

Empathy involves perceiving and relating to another person’s feelings, a social skill. Taking it a step further, it includes building a connection with that person. Children aren’t known for their ability to be empathetic, but it is something they can learn. If you don’t know how to teach your child empathy, we have some tips […]

Music Develops Children’s Social and Emotional Skills

Have you noticed that where there is a group of children, music is often playing? Shops and doctors who focus on children tend to play music that appeals to them. Music can also be found in many classrooms, not to mention in children’s homes and even on kids phones. Music brings kids together and helps […]

Peer Pressure: Making it Easy for Teens to Resist

Peer pressure, we have all experienced it in school and there is no way to avoid it. Discover how to make it easier for teens to resist and make good choices. This is especially important where drugs, alcohol, illegal activities, or any thoughtless actions are concerned. What is peer pressure? The term has gotten a […]

Risk Taking and Drugs

Statistics concerning teens and drug abuse are staggering; nearly 1 in 5 teens have abused prescription drugs. Some teens take unnecessary risks. It seems risk taking and drugs go hand-in-hand, but as a parent you may not be clear about how you can help your teen avoid these tendencies. It’s not unusual for teens to […]

Single Parenting Overcoming Guilt

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes guilt can play a part in your single parenting. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s only natural to feel some guilt about your situation. But most of the time, that guilt is misplaced. If you’re single parenting, overcoming guilt of is a great way to feel better about yourself, your life and […]

How to Explain Death and Dying to Children

As parents, we are faced with difficult questions more often than we’d like; however, it’s important to address our children’s questions about death with information that is appropriate for their age level and individual needs. If you need help explaining death and dying to children, we have a few ideas for you to consider. Death […]

Multiple Childhood Fears Concern Parent

Question: My son is aged 7 years old and has a lot of fears in him. He has a fear of heights, in so much as he will not climb onto a 6 foot slide in a park. He will not even sit on a swing. He is afraid of being in a swimming pool, […]